Our Goals

The Farm to Table movement in Gary is driven by the mission to make fresh, local, and nutritious food available to all residents in and around Gary. The associated programs will make Gary the center of the food supply for the region. Farm to Table will support local businesses, offer opportunities for individuals, and uplift the community.

Why shop at farm to Table?

Farm to table refers to foods coming directly from local farms to your table, offering many benefits. One advantage is that many ingredients are grown or raised locally, meaning the food isn’t being shipped long distances. This has environmental benefits and the food you’re eating was likely harvested recently therefore is very fresh. This also results in more nutritious food. Another benefit of Farm to Table is that it involves natural foods that have been minimally processed. This keeps costs down and means less added fat and sugar. Farm to table can be a great way to support local farmers, therefore supporting your local community.

                                                         Providing fresh, organic farm food for Gary, IN

The Farm to Table programs below will bring fresh food to Gary residents and those in surrounding counties. Currently, fresh food is largely unavailable throughout Gary. Also, the cost of food continues to rise. The Farm to Table movement will make fresh foods available and affordable by changing how food is grown, prepared, and distributed. Additionally, Farm to Table initiatives will involve educational opportunities to inform about the benefits of fresh local foods and instruct on how to prepare these foods.

Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Farm to Table programs and events will be posted here. Stay informed by signing up to receive future Farm to Table communications.

New Programs


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            Kelly Newcomb

Kelly Newcomb is an entrepreneur with 35 years of experience as an independent family business coach, trained facilitator, public speaker, and business development consultant. Currently, Kelly is focused on helping Uplift & Restore Community Development Corporation, FaithWorks Network, and FarmPod feed people while tending to the needs of those who are less fortunate in the community. 

             Curtis Watkins

Prior to his service at the Woodson Center, Curtis was a community grassroots leader in the Washington DC and Prince Georges County region and created an organization named “Home-Comers,” which tapped the skills and experience of ex-offenders returning to the neighborhood who, among other initiatives, provided safe-passage to young students who passed through endangered areas on their treks and bus rides to school.  Curtis has many years of executive experience, including serving as the National Association of Realtors Purchasing Manager in Chicago and in Washington, DC. Curtis changed career paths more than 30 years ago and decided to pursue a calling of “path-making” and identifying “pathfinders. 

              Joseph Welsh

“Joe the Grocer” Welsh is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Joseph Welsh Consulting, LLC. Known in the industry as “Joe The Grocer”, Welsh a 40+ year veteran of the Food Business operates as a Global Food Systems and Supermarket Expert. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Welsh is nationally recognized as a leader in Food Insecurity, Food Sovereignty, and Food Justice matters.